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As a writer, Ray's, motto is, "don't let excuses become Your Story" 

About Ray Marcuss

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Ray is a passionately dynamic Actor with years of experience in both theater and film. His range and depth

allow him to fully commit to his work and bring to life any character, ultimately enhancing a production’s value.  

Ray is a strong team player with a respected loyalty and dedicated work ethic, that supports cast members, allowing others to shine while still fulfilling his unrelenting desire to entertain. 

The Ray Marcuss Short Story

The Ray Marcuss Short Story is a Testimony & Testament to who He is and Why He is

Ray was born on the Lower East Side of Manhattan in an area once known as Alphabet City, and not the gentrified East Village as it is today. The neighborhood was tough growing up; often infested with drugs, alcohol and crime during the seventies and eighties. 


Ray was one of 11 children and he had the fortune and misfortune, of having older siblings who taught him how to survive the city streets, often through words of encouragement, and sometimes through painful experiences. But Ray always took note, writing his own story at the time, not realizing all the things he would witness and experience, would manifest itself in his future work as an Actor, Writer and Comedian. 

Today, Ray is the proud father of three children who are his pride, joy and most valued accomplishments. He lives in the Bronx and spends a lot of his time engulfed in his work. He is currently writing a book, titled, "The House on Laurel Lake", which has already gained traction and the interest of Netflix for the development of a feature film. More info to come and more of Ray's work will continue to be available here on his website. To stay in the know, for upcoming work from Ray Marcuss, please join our mailing list. 

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